Hillary Clinton participated in what was widely accepted as the most winnable presidential election in United States history. An experienced politician and former Secretary of State was up against an unhinged racist demagogue in Donald Trump. Yet she failed, in near epic fashion.

In her appearances since the election Clinton has dodged any question looking to place the smallest amount of blame on the candidate and campaign itself. Rather, deflecting to Russia, misogyny, racism, Comey’s letter, and of course Bernie Sanders. Yes, Hillary Clinton in her latest book titled “What Happened” has dedicated a heavy portion of it to bashing the Senator from Vermont for his own Democratic campaign, suggesting Sanders “had to resort to innuendo and impugning my character.” Except this is just blatantly false. Senator Sanders ran an issues oriented campaign from start to finish. His critiques of the former Secretary of State included her Goldman Sachs speeches, her coziness with another former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, her behind closed doors high dollar fund-raisers, her refusal to denounce the practice of fracking, and her support of disastrous trade deals like NAFTA, CAFTA, and TPP.

These were all issues deeply concerning to the American people at a time when Wall Street has decimated the economy. A time when the United States is entrenched in endless regime change wars. A time where lobbyists and CEOs for mega-multinational corporations buy the votes of the people’s representatives. A time where the earth is reaching unsustainable levels of Climate Change soon to displace millions upon millions of people. And a time where hundreds of thousands of good high paying union jobs have been shipped out of the United States to Mexico, India, and China and has left once prosperous and pinnacle cities in the Rust Belt like Detroit a capital in financial struggle at best and a dystopian ghost town at worst.

Placing the blame on Senator Sanders, who brought forth the issues that mattered to millions of Americans and made them mainstream while tirelessly campaigning for Clinton against Donald Trump after the primaries is not only wrong, it is down right embarrassing. Were there other factors involved in her election loss aside from her campaign? Yes, no question. But the most important and most significant was the astoundingly flawed nature of her candidacy. A candidate so sure of her victory she ignored the state of Wisconsin on her campaign trail. So, Hillary…What Happened?



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