Noam Chomsky, a renowned intellectual on the left, recently made some strong remarks against Antifa, a far left wing “anti fascist” movement. Chomsky told the Washington Examiner “it’s a major gift to the Right, including the militant Right, who are exuberant.” Chomsky continued and referred to the group as a “fringe” group that only hurts the cause they are fighting for. These comments came shortly before the events in Charlottesville, VA where Antifa members rendezvoused to counter-protest a white supremacist protest of the tearing down of a Confederate statue. President Trump caught fire for condemning “both sides”, referring to the white supremacists and anti fascists groups. Does President Trump have a point? Sure. The timing was controversial since an alleged white supremacist killed a woman and injuring several others after driving a car into the counter-protesters and Trump condemned both sides involved, rather than the one guilty of ending a life. With that being said, he has a point.

Liberals and progressives should not sit idly by when controversial groups like Antifa give the democrats a bad rap. Protests are encouraged, so long as they are peaceful and respectful but that isn’t always the case with groups like Antifa and Black lives Matter. Once protesters become violent, the entire democratic party and anyone who aligns of the left of the political spectrum becomes open season to opponents. The amount of people who group all progressives into Antifa has been alarming. It is wildly unfair, such as equating all conservatives as racist.

It is a peculiar time in history as political tension is at its highest level in decades. Because of that unrest, these fringe groups will exists on the right and the left. Just because you align one way or another does not mean you can ignore the groups closest to your views. Progressives and liberals need to condemn those groups on the left that don’t share the same beliefs as the majority and the same has to be said for conservatives. These groups and people will always exists which is fine if they engage peacefully, but there have been several incidents where peaceful would not be the word to use. There is no shame in denouncing these groups, actually it is encouraged. And when we need to do it, lets be fair to “both sides.”


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