I have been trying to resist from caving into the Russia narrative the corporate Democrats and mainstream media have been pushing. Frankly, I have viewed the Russia hysteria as an easy way for democrats to point fingers rather than addressing actual policy. The “Republicans are corrupt and used Russia to win the election so vote for us” narrative is quite annoying and something the average American doesn’t care about at all. Until the democrats change their ways and focus on policy rather Russia, candidates like Donald Trump will always have a chance.

While you now know my views on Russia, I have gotten to the point where I can’t ignore it. Russia tampered in our election this past fall in 2016. The extent is unknown but with Donald Trump JR.’s recent email exchange being released, it is clear Russia was involved. I am not a lawyer nor will I pretend to be, but I am not so sure these emails are incriminating. I know many of you want them to be but why would he release the emails with the advice of the best lawyers money can buy if they were? It doesn’t make sense from that perspective. But what it does do is open the door even wider.

The Trump administration continues to be caught in lies about the situation and even Fox News is beginning to sound the alarm. Michael Flynn said he had no ties with Russia, that was a lie. The Trump team has lied about who was at the meeting and firing James Comey after he supposedly requested more funds to investigate Russia was also a bit suspicious. When do we stop giving the Trump administration the benefit of the doubt? The answer is right now. Let Robert Mueller perform his investigation and get to the bottom of it. If Russia did interfere in our election to a significant extent we need to delve into that matter and address what can be done to prevent that from happening again.

For the corporate Democrat readers out there, Hillary Clinton may have been in a similar situation with Ukraine. That obviously has not significantly been looked into but Ukraine may have colluded with the Clinton campaign in order to become president. If Russia did affect the election in a immense manner then that’s a problem but don’t play the victim card if you vehemently supported Clinton.

We are in a pivotal time in American history. Corruption is at an all time high and the man elected to “drain the swamp” may have made Washington even swampier. At a time when the country is so politically divided and people don’t know what sources to trust, this Russia story’s results will have dire consequences for one side. Either the Democrats will be responsible for promulgating the biggest witch hunt in American political history or Republicans will go down as the party trying to cover up an election that was interfered with from a foreign power. While we may not have answers for quite some time, Donald Trump JR.’s emails and meeting are a smoking gun and gives the Russia hysteria a pulse.


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