Randy Bryce, an ironworker and union organizer from Wisconsin has thrown his hat into the ring to dethrone Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s first congressional district.  Bryce, a Bernie Sanders supporter is a progressive’s dream: $15 minimum wage, single payer health care, tax the rich, embolden unions, get money out of politics, etc. This is the direction that democrats have to go if they want to take back control of the House and Senate in 2018 and ultimately win the presidency in 2020.

After corporate stooge Jon Ossoff out of Georgia lost the special election to Karen “I don’t support a livable wage” Handel, it was another painful reminder that the establishment democratic party is not the answer to the surging right. Every poll has shown that Bernie would have beat Trump in 2016 because his message resonates with ordinary people. He actually cares about the working class and knows how badly the average American has been hurt by corporate greed that began nearly 40 years ago. Sanders would have garnered thousands of key swing votes that went to Trump in the rust belt. His progressive message connects with people, even Trump supporters. This was evident when Sanders traveled to West Virginia to hold a town hall. The town he was in went to Trump by a wide margin but the audience continuously applauded Sanders ideas such as single payer health care and providing proper benefits to the hard working coal miners.

This is the progressive vision that Bryce has adopted because he himself is an average American who understands the plight of working class families. He will have an uphill climb as Paul Ryan took the district by a whopping 30 point advantage in 2016. However, people are becoming fed up with republicans, especially Ryan who passed a vote in his House that would strip health care away from 23 million Americans. Now this is only one House seat so in the grand scheme of things it seems arbitrary but if Americans become keen to Bryce’s platform, it will give the democratic party a pulse and hopefully they won’t be dumb enough to squander the progressive message.

Here at The Daily Populist, we endorse Bryce and hope he can bring change to the ailing democratic party. If you want to donate to his campaign, go to his website at randybryceforcongress.com.



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