By Alex Boucher

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear President Trump’s proposed travel ban of six Middle Eastern nations. The court is allowing parts of the ban to be enforced. Citizens from the nations that are subject to the ban will not be allowed to enter the U.S without a valid “connection” such as being a student or visiting family. The ban has been repeatedly shot down by federal courts, so in many ways this temporary ruling has vindicated Trump who believes the ban is necessary for national security. Naysayers to the ban point out that the ban targets predominantly Muslim nations and make the case that it violates the First Amendment. The original ban was intended to be 90 days but that time has passed without a SINGLE terror attack on U.S soil carried out by anyone from a Middle Eastern nation. This case going forward should be very interesting to follow. It could either deliver President Trump’s first major victory in office or another defeat, this time carried out by the Supreme Court, the most powerful court in the land.


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